Theme Camps

Any vehicle is permitted to Park in Theme Camps with approval and placement of your Theme Camp Lead.  Vehicles should be placed towards the back of your camp allowing for front access interaction with the community.  Theme Camps should look like Theme Camps not Parking Lots!  You will be asked to move vehicles that are an eyesore or an obstruction.

 RVS, Trailers, Buses, Camper Vans, etc

Tent Camping in Open, Family and Quiet Areas :

From Valerie, Kernby & Noor
BitF Parking Leads

Description of the Grounds

The Cheam Fishing Village includes a large gravel section, where most of the theme camps, art, parking, and sound stages will be situated (the middle portion of the map above), an active hayfield where the remainder of the theme camps and walk-in camping will be situated, and a treed section on the southwest, where additional walk-in camping may be found. These are small sites that may need additional clearing by campers.

As you can see, there is less tree cover than SVC – plan for the sun. Bring shade, and sunscreen, and pace yourselves. The treed campsites will offer some relief, but there really aren’t many of them, and the mosquitoes are worse in the trees…so there is a tradeoff! Also, if you had plans to suspend art or structural elements from trees at SVC, a plan B would be a good idea.

For the theme camps and campers on the gravel areas, we suggest you bring rebar or 12″ spikes as opposed to tent pegs, and bring or know a campmate with a hammer to drive them into the hardpack.

General Camping in the Hay Field

Treat it gently, and don’t tear it up. There will be a single road for vehicles to drop things off along the hay field. If you are bringing a generator, place a tarp or other spillage control mechanism beneath it to catch any spilt fuel. Mind the boundary line to the northern section of the field, which is out of bounds.