Make this your event by following this link, and volunteering for one of our awesome teams!

Want to join the Crew for BitF 2017? Thank you!

Gift your Self!

Other events have Volunteers but our community isn’t like other events, we choose a more ownership approach to your gifted time.  Want to enrich your BitF experience?  Join the Crew!  At BitF, everyone is involved. Some host community through theme camps. Others create and install art. A few meet weekly to keep the bus rolling in the right direction.  Below you will find the crew teams seeking your involvement and requesting your ‘gift of time’ to BitF CREW 2017!

This event is built on the Ten Principles of the Burning Man Festival. One of the Principles is Gifting. No one is paid, and everyone has to purchase a ticket. That’s right! Everyone gifts crazy amounts of their time just to help this crazy, wonderful event come to life.

Gifting is less about trinkets and more about sharing your time and energy. Nothing will cement your experience as a part of this community – particularly if you’re new or don’t recognize many faces – than being part of the Crew. Seriously! Maximum participation is what makes this event work the way it does. Check it out. Other Principles realized by the Crew include: Communal Effort, Participation, No Commodification and Immediacy.

Let’s not forget that we have drinks and snacks available for the Crew during their shift and dinner afterwards, so you don’t need to worry about cooking.

Here is the overview of what each team requires/is looking for, please let us know where you will be happiest, and we will connect you with the group who will put your best self to work play at creating a BitF 2017 that is unforgettable for everyone.

The gift of yourself is a wonderful thing indeed!

There are many different areas to which you can lend a helping hand. Please read the descriptions below to get a sense of what each department is all about. On the next page please tell us which departments you’d like to get involved with (maximum of two) and then select the specific team(s) you’d like to be placed on (maximum of two). It is possible to gift your time to the event even if you cannot come. Once you’ve completed the survey we will connect you with the group who will put your happiest self to work at creating a BitF 2017 that is unforgettable for everyone!


The Flow team is all about safely and efficiently getting in/out of the event in the most FUN way possible! They are the lovely people who will greet you at the gate, get you sorted out for parking and direct you to your camp. Volunteers needed in: Gate, Parking, Onsite Placement.


The best BitF is a safe BitF! We need responsible individuals who would like to contribute to making this a safe, fun environment for everyone. Volunteers needed: Rangers, Harm Reduction, Sound Marshals, Fire Safety, Art Safety.


DPW is short for “Department of Public Works,” similar to the crew at Burning Man. Can you wield a shovel? Like to get your hands dirty and build things? Do you know how to fix a generator or just how to start one? These folks set up and teardown infrastructure for the event. We need a Crew of hardy souls who want to arrive early, stay a whole week in paradise, and help us build the jank! DPW can be a good solid workout at times, so bring your muscles! Volunteers needed in: Advance Site Prep, Setup, Transport, Teardown, Leave No Trace and Power.


Do you have a passion for art, colour, decorating? Creative people are needed to help with BitF curation in all its beautiful forms. Your imagination and talent are just waiting to be unleashed all up in here. Volunteers needed for: Centre Camp Set Up/Teardown, Decor, Activities and Workshops.


Wouldn’t you like to volunteer for the Volunteer team? It’s like Volunteer inception! This year at BitF will feature a shiny new Volunteer Headquarters, which will be a place for people to sign up for shifts on site and to connect with team leads. Seeking people-people to assist folks with questions and pointing them in the right direction. Volunteers are also needed for the Volunteer Appreciation BBQ to be held on July 22nd.


Acculturation Ambassadors are all about being fully engaged and informing others of all things BitF. You share the heart of BitF throughout the event by welcoming participants as individuals and holding a friendly and approachable presence while walking the grounds. You believe in the value of the 10 Burning Man Principles and are passionate about spreading that message at BitF in support of propagating a positive, consensual, creative, & safe culture!  Your mission as an Acculturation Ambassador: to help educate and encourage participants to act on their inspirations and jump in to participate with people who may be needing that extra little push of support. You guide people to uphold the Burning Man Principles as an act of personal accountability.  Ideally, every person who attends BitF would act as an Ambassador to Acculturation, however, we are creating an official BitF team for those benevolent people who are willing to step it up a notch. We welcome applications from folks who have attended at least 2 BitFs. Outside of the ten principles, we invite you to share one or two specific messages that you are passionate about & feel our newer burners could benefit from, or that would help integration. Acculturation Ambassadors are needed during the event Thursday through Saturday.


Make this your event by following this link, and volunteering for one of our awesome teams!