2017 Event info will be updated as it becomes available.

Want to volunteer for BitF 2016? THANK YOU!

Gift your Self!

Other events have Volunteers but our community isn’t like other events, we choose a more ownership approach to your gifted time.  Want to enrich your BitF experience?  Join the Crew!  At BitF, everyone is involved. Some host community through theme camps. Others create and install art. A few meet weekly to keep the bus rolling in the right direction.  Below you will find the crew teams seeking your involvement and requesting your ‘gift of time’ to BitF CREW 2016!

This event is built on the Ten Principles of the Burning Man Festival. One of the Principles is Gifting. No one is paid, and everyone has to purchase a ticket. That’s right! Everyone gifts crazy amounts of their time just to help this crazy, wonderful event come to life.

Gifting is less about trinkets and more about sharing your time and energy. Nothing will cement your experience as a part of this community – particularly if you’re new or don’t recognize many faces – than being part of the Crew. Seriously! Maximum participation is what makes this event work the way it does. Check it out. Other Principles realized by the Crew include: Communal Effort, Participation, No Commodification and Immediacy.

Let’s not forget that we have snax and drinx available for the Crew during their shift and dinner afterwards, so you don’t need to worry about cooking.

Here is the overview of what each team requires/is looking for, please let us know where you will be happiest, and we will connect you with the group who will put your best self to work play at creating a BitF 2016 that is unforgettable for everyone.

Make this your event by following this link, and volunteering for one of our awesome teams!