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Advanced and Directed Tickets for Volunteers
March 9, 2017

Hi everyone! At long last we’re able to give you the details on how volunteering for GVIAS events can help you…

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Leadership Roles Still Available! (Repost)
March 5, 2017

There are several key volunteer production roles that still need to be filled for BitF 2017. Check out the attached organization…

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BitF Sound Stage Grant Applications Now Open
March 3, 2017

Grant applications are now open for BifF sound stages. A sound stage could host DJs, live music, or both. To be…

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We are now accepting art placement applications for BITF July 13-16 2017!
March 1, 2017

Art, and specifically Interactive Art, is a pillar of Burning Man culture and of Burn In The Forest. Each year, dozens…

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BitF Large Art Grants Open!
February 28, 2017

Applications are being accepted for large art pieces (up to $1000 per project) coming to Burn in the Forest 2017. Applications…

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Applications are NOW OPEN for BitF 2017 Theme Camps
February 16, 2017

Are you a Theme Camp? Are you all kinds of excited for Bitf 2017, getting your decor on, figuring out your…

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