Burn in the Forest

BC's Official Regional Burning Man Event

Help GVIAS find a new site for BitF!

Unfortunately Snug Lake is no longer available to host events, so we are looking for a new home for Burn in the Forest.

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What is BitF?

Burn In The Forest (BitF) is the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society’s (GVIAS) Official Burning Man Regional annual summer event.

  • We support the diversity and experimentation of experience and ideas.
  • We will create a Temporary Autonomous Zone where people may safely engage in new experiences without judgement.
  • We will strengthen existing friendships and build new ones, rewarding each other in special ways.
  • We are self-sufficient and leave no trace except in our memories.

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Event Info

Each summer we build a temporary community over an extended weekend. Together we create a village and gift each other in many ways that express our creativity and play.

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Our community is built on the participation of its members – from the simple exchange of food, stories, or a lending hand, to the elaborate construction of an interactive art project.

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