November 4, 2016 • BitF 2017

Call out for Assistant Producers for BITF 2017!

Here’s our line-up for the 2017 Production team:
Craig Ollenberger – DPW
Elisabeth Dent – Flow
Andrea Arnot – Curation
Laura Yates – Volunteers
Brodie Kristensen – Systems
Luisa Deziel – Info
Mars Wright – Safety

Each of the Producers above will need at least one Assistant Producer. If you’re interested in getting involved with the Production Team please fill in this form. If you’ve already been talking to a Producer about working with them please fill the form in anyway, if you haven’t already.…/1FAIpQLSfR35vkuT8n2CsvVv…/viewform

We are looking for the best candidates for each role. There will also be a lot of lead roles to fill once the Production Team is finalised. Thanks to everyone who has already stepped up!

Cheers from Luisa, Info

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