February 15, 2017 • BitF 2017, BitF 2017 News

An Update from the Registration/Ticketing Team

Greetings from the BitF 2017 Registration Team,

Fuelled by our endless pursuit of perfection (and a variety of craft beer), we have been working tirelessly on this year’s ticketing plan and have finally emerged from our stewed planning sessions to share with you all what we have in store.

Tonight we are pleased to announce a high level overview of the official BitF 2017 Registration Plan. There are still a lot of details forthcoming, but we wanted to get this out to you as early as possible so you can mark your calendars with these important dates.

The plan is similar to last year’s and is split into 4 sales:

    • Directed Tickets Sale – Opens Sunday April 9th
      • For producers, art projects, theme camps to distribute tickets to their volunteers for this year’s festival.
      • 2016 Volunteer Pre Sale – Sunday April 16th – Friday April 21st
      • Limited pool sale open to volunteers from last year.
    • Main Sale – Saturday April 22nd @ 9 AM
      • For individuals who are certain that they will not be receiving a directed ticket.
      • Split into three phases: pre-registration, reservation, and purchase.
      • Pre-registration required: Open from Saturday April 8th – Friday April 21st.
  • Last Minute Sale – Mid June
    • All unused tickets will be available in this final sale.

We are still working on our FAQ, ticket numbers, links to purchase pages and final details so please hold off on on any questions or concerns you might have!

Our team will be communicating regularly with those looking to purchase tickets and ticket holders. You should expect information from us every other week, so please check the website or your email often!

For now, just stay tuned, and expect to see a full plan, with FAQ from our team by the end of February.

BitF 2017 Registration
Arthur, Curtis, Nat, Chris & Fabian – Team GSD

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