Hi everyone!

At long last we’re able to give you the details on how volunteering for GVIAS events can help you obtain tickets for BitF. This system has been in the works for the past two years and we’re happy to announce that we’ve finally settled on something we hope to stick with for a while.

If you have volunteered for BitF, Dustcovery or ReCharge over past the two years you will be aware that there is a connection between volunteering at events and access to tickets for BitF.

This connection is different than that associated with theme camps, art projects or sound stages, which have their own allotment of tickets to distribute. The Volunteer Production Group has, last year and this year, had its own allotment of tickets to distribute to the people who volunteer their time to plan, organize, run and staff GVIAS events (BitF, Dustcovery, ReCharge). This includes the production teams and leads, as well as the volunteers, of each event. Also included in this group are the folks who volunteer their time on the GVIAS Board and the Art Grants Committee.

Access to the Volunteer Group tickets is granted through two tickets sales:

The Volunteer Advance Ticket Sale and a Directed Ticket Sale.

The Volunteer Advance Ticket Sale is open to people who volunteer between 4 and 19 hours over an annual cycle commencing with the current year’s BitF (ie. the people eligible for the Advance Ticket Sale this year will have accrued their hours from BitF 2016, Dustcovery 2016 and ReCharge 2017. Those eligible for next year’s event will accrue their hours at BitF 2017, Dustcovery 2017 and ReCharge 2018).

The Volunteer Directed Ticket Sale is offered to volunteers who have given more than 19 hours of their time to GVIAS events over the same annual cycle as noted above, and includes folks who have volunteered for shifts at events, Producers, Associate Producers, and Leads, as well as the GVIAS Board and the Arts Grants Committee.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us at: [email protected]

Laura and Shayla

BitF 2017 Volunteer Group Production