In case you missed the BitF Town Hall tonight, here is the slideshow from the event:
Some of the highlights (including answers to questions asked at the TownHall) are below but remember that the website ( will be your main portal to all information for the event. Please see the slideshow for more details if you have any other questions.
== Tickets ==
Total price with taxes and fees is $161. Low income and Children’s tickets are available.
Largely the same system as last year.
Registration: April 8th – 21st (Closes 11:59:59 pm PST)
Reservation: April 22nd (Opens 9 am PST)
Purchase: April 22nd – May 6th(Closes 11:59:59 pm PST)
== Greeter Shifts ==
Theme camps greeter shifts are now two hours. Camps now have the option of sending some members for 4-hour on-site volunteer shifts. Shifts are now being tracked to allow volunteer directed tickets to be allocated.
== Parking ==
Only camping vehicles may be parked at camp this year, and they require pre-approval. (Details on application process to come).
== Safety ==
– We are still looking for a Ranger Lead.
– Ranger Training will be in May, dates TBA.
– There will be a Safety Day in early June for radio training, Emergency planning, and related training.
== DPW ==
We are still in need of a Tear Down Lead. (Contact [email protected])
If your camp needs power, try to submit your application and needs soon, as DPW is looking at various options for on-site power.
== Volunteers ==
Questions about joining the crew for BitF 2017:
Questions about anything else volunteer group related:
Volunteers who worked more than 4 hours at last year’s GVIAS events will access to Advanced Ticket sale. Volunteers who worked more than 19 hours at last year’s GVIAS events will access to Directed Ticket sale.
There will be a Volunteer HQ tent at the event with info for volunteers and open roles.
Commissary will operate Tues-Sunday morning. Volunteering gives you commissary access on that day.
Volunteer Appreciation BBQ will be July 23rd.
We will be looking for donations of goods or services to give to volunteers via raffle. Contact Mike Funergy if you have something to donate.
== Info ==
Burner Connect
– Decommodified Social Media Platform
– Simplifies management of events, rideshares, transportation sharing, theme camp planning, skills sharing.
– Will be basis for WWW Guide (What, Where, When) — Theme camps upload event details for review. Easier to manage for Production.
– We will still be printing a reduced number of physical WWW guides.
– Invite only. Contact [email protected] for an invite.
== Theme ==
No Theme this year, by popular vote.
== Curation ==
Centre Camp
Greater emphasis on Centre Camp this year. Relocated to middle of site. Will act as an info hub and meeting place as well as a place to hangout. Will provide space for meetings and workshops, message boards, schedules, Lost and Found, etc.
Theme camps nearby will be service-focused (Coffee Camp, Waffle Camp, etc). Will also have lots of art around.
== Sound Camps ==
Three large zones for sound control.
Zone A: Large PAs and sound camps; active 12 pm – 6 am.
Zone B: Small(ish) PAs; active 12 pm – 6 am.
Zone C: Only Small PAs; active 12 pm – 9 pm
PA use allowed ONLY during permitted events. Register events with WWW. Bring your own PA system.
==Theme Camps ==
March 19th: Directed Ticket deadline
May 26th: Deadline for theme camp placement
June 9th: Theme Camp selection finalized
June 11th: WWW deadline for all Theme Camp info (description, workshops, parties, etc.)
Selection Criteria:
– BM Principles/ Venue policies followed
– Interactivity provided
– Public space provided for workshops, performances, etc.
– Appropriate/Sufficient # of members to support the camp plan
– Power plan
– LNT plan
– Likelihood of success
== Art Placement ==
Deadline is May 26
You need to apply for placement even if you apply for a grant or receive funds from Recharge
== Effigy ==
Tango and Dayna’s Effigy “Kinetisthesia” was selected by acclamation.
No qualifying Temple submissions were received, but the Production team is open to looking again next year.
== Art Grants ==
$22,000 allocated to BitF art grants for 2017.
53 art projects and 5 sound stages were funded last year.
See the slideshow for more details about art grants and applying.