March 31, 2017 • BitF 2017, BitF 2017 News

Friendly PSA #3: Advance and Directed tickets for BitF 2017

In case you missed the first two PSAs, have not found an email from BitF 2017, and volunteered at GVIAS events over the past year:

Emails regarding access to directed and advance ticket sales have gone out. The purpose of these thus far is simply to ensure that emails from us are landing where you will see them, there have been no codes sent yet.

If you gave your time for 4 or more hours of shifts at BitF 2016 and Dustcovery 2016 and have not seen an email regarding tickets for BitF 2017 yet, please check your junk, spam and PROMOTIONS (Gmail users – really, check there!) folder, and if still no, contact your lead from last year and send an email to [email protected].

Ticket sales begin on April 9th.

Laura and Shayla
BitF 2017 Volunteer Group Production

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