Advanced Tickets for Volunteers

From Laura and Shayla (BitF 2017 Volunteer Group Production):

Hi everyone,

If you’ve been receiving emails about the advance ticket sale for the last year’s volunteers you’re waiting for an email with an access code to arrive sometime in the coming week. We are on track for that delivery period!

The sale for the advance tickets will open in the evening, likely 7 or 8PM, of April 16th, the email accompanying your access code will confirm the exact time.

I will post here and on the website when those emails have been sent, please then try to find it immediately so we have time to problem solve before the sale if you cannot find it.

Once you have logged into Quicket you will be able to order your ticket and then follow the instructions to pay for it.

I recommend being ready to purchase your ticket when the sale opens, there are 200 tickets in the sale and approximately 260 access codes will go out. If you have any questions please send them to [email protected].

Directed Tickets Emails Will Be Sent Soon
If you are receiving a Directed Ticket as a Production Lead or for some other reason (you will already know if this applies to you), keep an eye out for your purchase email in the next day or so. It will come from Quicket directly.