A huge thank you to theme camps- your participation has made Greeter shifts a tremendous success!
Based on this success and in order to meet the growing needs of our community, starting in 2017, theme camps will have another option to participate on site at BitF. Specifically: theme camps can request a Greeter shift or members of a theme camp can request Ranger, Ambassador, Gate, Parking, On-Site Placement, or other on-site volunteer shifts.
We anticipate Greeter shifts will remain a popular choice, but the new options are great too! Here are some of the benefits of choosing a Gate, Parking, On-Site Placement, Ranger, Ambassador or other shift on behalf of your theme camp;
-We are a volunteer run event. Show your community how your theme camp innovates through other volunteering opportunities at BitF.
-Get your volunteering done before the event. Many of these volunteer shifts happen before BitF even starts!
-Don’t sweat the sale! Volunteer for 4 hours or more and join the Volunteer Advance Ticket Sale next year. Volunteer for more than 19+ hours and be eligible for a Directed Ticket next year.
-Ask us to find volunteer shifts that suit your schedule. More available volunteer shifts means we are better able to meet your specific scheduling requests.
-Bragging rights- which theme camp will bring the most volunteer shifts to the production this year? We’ll let you know!
**Suggested** shifts by Camp Size
7 or less campers: 1 shift volunteering (1 person doing a 4 hour shift)
8-13 campers: 2 shifts volunteering (2 people doing 4 hour shifts)
14- 19 campers: 3 shifts volunteering (3 people doing 4 hour shifts)
20 + campers (4 people doing 4 hour shifts)
Who gets What?
After your theme camp application is accepted by the Curation Team, the Greeter Team will contact you to determine your preferences. We will do our best to accommodate your camp’s needs.
****Please note that Greeter shifts– while a total blast– are shorter and do not count towards the advance/directed ticket sale next year.****
Questions or Queries About New Options?
Please contact BigTuna at [email protected]
-From the BitF 2017 Production Team.