Advance Ticket Sale – Closes Friday April 21 at 11:59 PM PDT (Tonight)

If you volunteered between 4 and 19 hours over the past year at GVIAS events and have received an email from the Volunteer Team, you have access to the Advance Sale which closes at 11:59 PM PDT tonight (April 21) or when the last ticket is sold. This is a limited pool sale, not a directed ticket sale. If you have any questions regarding the Advance Ticket Sale, please email [email protected]

Main Sale Registration – Closes Friday April 21 at 11:59 PM PDT (Tonight)

Registration phase for the main sale ends at 11:59 PM PDT tonight. If you do not create a Quicket account and register for the main sale, you will not be able to participate in the ticket reservation event tomorrow.

Visit to register for the sale.

Main Sale Reservation – Opens 9 AM April 22 PM (Saturday Morning)

Reservation happens at 9:00 AM PST tomorrow, April 22 2017. If you have registered, this is your chance to try to grab a ticket.

If you have successfully registered before midnight tonight, is the link you should visit at 9 AM on Saturday.

Please be sure to be LOGGED IN to your QUICKET account before the sale starts

You will be allowed to reserve up to 2 tickets, but will receive one purchase code only. Each purchase code is redeemable for up to two tickets (1 if you reserve 1 ticket, 2 if you reserve 2 tickets). This means if you provide a separate email for each ticket recipient they will receive the SAME purchase code. If you reserved 2 tickets, the purchase code you receive can be redeemed TWICE.

(SUBSIDY APPLICANTS: If one of your tickets is meant for a subsidy pricing applicant, please use the email that you used in your application, you will receive a separate special code with special pricing)


ALL details, dates etc on the main sale can be found here:

If you can’t find the answer to your question on your ticketing page, then please email us at [email protected]



BitF Registration

Arthur, Nat, Chris, Curtis and Fabian (Team GSD)