The Main Sale for 2017 Burn in the Forest tickets is now over. Did you miss out? Don’t worry, there are still more options to get tickets. (Youth tickets are still available to purchase on the website).

Firstly, a big thank you to our volunteer ticketing team. A lot of work goes into organizing and running ticketing for BitF, and they deserve our appreciation. There are many factors that go into designing the ticketing system and they are trying to improve every year. Please volunteer if you would like to help out.

Because of increased interest in the event, demand for tickets greatly exceeds the number available. Not everyone who wants a ticket will get one, regardless of the ticketing system. For next year, you can help your chances by, for example, volunteering (which we need more of to grow the event). Volunteering during this year’s BitF, Dustcovery, and/or Recharge puts you in the advance volunteer sale for next year. 19+ hours of volunteering gets you a directed ticket. Bringing an art project can get you directed tickets. Bringing a theme camp can get you directed tickets. Being on the production team gets you a directed ticket.

HOWEVER, there are still several ways you can greatly increase your chances of getting a ticket for THIS year:

  1. There will be a Last Minute Sale on June 18 (which you do not need to register for). This will run until the tickets are sold out. Put this date in your calendar!!!!
  2. Keep your ears to the ground and eyes peeled for those who cannot attend the event; they can transfer their tickets to you.
  3. Sign up on the ticket exchange list (Click the Need a Ticket tab at the bottom of the page) –…/12fKNpLKNgODlMJcofJiEC6weco…/edit…
  4. Sign up to Burner Connect’s ticket exchange –
    If you don’t have an account you can register here –
  5. Get involved in a Theme Camp/Art Project. Many still need help and have tickets available.

And be sure to sign up to volunteer at BitF 2017 to improve your chances for next year:…

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