Hey everyone!

We are rapidly approaching the time for the event, so it’s time for site prep!

What is site prep? We go up and do some landscaping and bushwhacking during the day. And relax and unwind at night. It’s way fun! It’s how I first came into the Canadian scene, and it’s the most fun to volunteer with.

How do you volunteer? Well you can sign up here: http://burnintheforest.com/crew/
Also if you work 4 hours you get put on the for next year’s volunteer ticket pool! Say whaaaaaaat? Yup!

Site prep weekends are this weekend (June 10th/11th) and in two weeks (June 24th/25th). You can see them on our Calendar: http://burnintheforest.com/events/

So come on out and play with DPW! Oh and did I mention the camping is FREE?!?!? (Well not free, but we cover the cost for you ;).)

See you in the forest <3

Caleb “Spidey”
Site Prep lead