Deadline is midnight tonight. There are still some art projects that have not claimed their tickets. Do this now or forever regret it!
Kristen Huskins, Art Placement Lead

Your members now have less than 24 hours to purchase their directed tickets. There are 25 outstanding Directed Tickets that have not been purchased by theme camps!
Check with your people, people!
Please note that all Directed Tickets have been sent to your Camp Lead. They will disperse the tickets to their camp members.
Tickets not purchased by June 12th before 11:59 p.m. will be put into the general pool for the OMG Sale on June 18th.
If you are a theme camp lead and have not received information regarding directed tickets for your camp, please contact us immediately!
Tink & Alley
Theme Camp Co-Leads
Burn in the Forest 2017
[email protected]