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1) Kinetesthesia
Kinetesthesia is this year’s effigy,it is a 24 ft tall kinetic sculpture. At night it will be lit from the inside
pointing out which will cast dancing shadows on the ground all around it. There are six fire poofers at the top of the structure that will be fired as part of the computer controlled patterns of rotation.

2) Staulo Wishing Well
Staulo Wishing Well is designed to create a space for friends to gather, sit under the lantern lit canopy, share thoughts and wishes with others. Participants will be able to write their wishes on wooden coins.

3) Orca Project
The Orca Project lives!

4) Brood
Brood is the metal spider mother, with flaming belly. She keeps her burner children warm at night. She is a soft spider’s nest by the river side, to dream, sing and story tell. She will burn all night until the sun comes up.

5) Bubbles
The magical and mystical liquid the brings joy to many…. BUBBLES!

6) Mer-Squid
The Mer-Squid is a creature of fantastic duality: beautiful and deadly.

7) Strip and Slide
A Soapy salacious sensual sensory slider system and lascivious water propelled ride into the next dimension of time and space propelled with a human slingshot bungee cord for those wanting
to kick into flux capacitor time travel mode.

8) The Black Lighthouse
The Black Lighthouse has been a beacon for many during the two years that it has been at BitF. Numerous participants have written and drawn on the lighthouse for their own reasons. The time has come for the Black Lighthouse to be a beacon of burning!

9) Sperm Whale
The Boobs n Berries yacht cooperative would like to introduce BitF to the Sperm Whale! The centerpiece for our chill space. This interactive coroplast sea mammal invites people to decorate it with black light markers and has a bubble spout.

10) Horn of Plenty
Horn of Plenty is a colourful pneumatic sculpture in the shape of a horn. People can enter the space through a flowery opening and are enveloped by a gentle breeze and positive words of encouragement. They are encouraged to add their own messages.

11) All Hail Bublé!
Multi-denominational alter to the great Michael Bublé

12) The Beating Heart
The Beating Heart is actually the reincarnation of the Embrace Heart, returned in pieces from Burning Man a few years ago. I assembled the heart components into one unit, painted the heart red, and installed an interactive “Heartbeat” controller

13) Gentle Heckles Porch
Tap into a past era of public commentary, building community from the comfort of our front stoop. Release your inner porch dweller: kick up your heels, rock away your cares, jam out, knit and sip, choose your heckle level and call out to passers-by.

14) Larger than Life Brite
The Larger than Life Brite is a four sided canvass that allows participants to create, add on to, or change images by adding or removing coloured water bottles from holes. This will be its 4th and final year at BitF.

15) Candyland Swing
Lite up swing for the kids to play on when visiting Candyland

16) Lucifer, the Empress Flaming Lampost

17) Kick it in the Beans!
Kick it in the Beans is a pedal-powered coffee grinder attached to a leather armchair. Participants can lean back in the armchair, pedal the mechanism like a bicycle, and grind the coffee that they will then drink to be served by Coffee Camp!

18) The Intention Tree
An interactive art installation utilising the forest to cultivate positive change and mindfulness whilst
promoting the principles of permaculture. Come visit the tree to write an intention for the festival, the year or your daily life. Hang your intention in the tree and remove a seed packet to take home with you. Plant your seeds, watch them grow and witness your set intention blossom.

19) Radiant Beam
Radiant Beam is a massive-scale interactive LED installation made of dozens of wireless LED stations that together display moving patterns. Proximity sensors detect when people walk by, and send out rippling wave patterns in the display.

20) Man Spirit Automaton
Spirit Automaton is a sculpture with an interactive audio video component displayed on monitors that make up the head seated on a body stuffed with lights that stands around 7′ and sits on a
6′ square.

21) Crescendo Botanico
A few brass flowers of an interactive kinetic musical sculpture rotating in the wind, glistening in the sun, and illuminating at night.

22) 2D or Knot 2D?
Bend your bodies and your minds in this 3-dimensional twist on a childhood favourite. This game will tie you up and down and sideways… in knots!

23) Sparkle Car Wash
Feeling dusty? Want to get sparkling clean? Come check out the Sparkle Car wash for an immersive moop-free (!!!) sparkle wash. through this silver and gold tunnel and let the sparkle wash over you!

24) The Art of Living Small, Mobile and Homeless (but in a Camper)!
The interactive art piece and performance will demonstrate how to live in Vancouver or anywhere else without a Million$ Dollar home or apartment. Living on The Road to realize your dreams, save
money, make new friends and thrive!

25) SparkleSketch
SparkleSketch is an interactive sequined canvas. Revel in the tactile sensation of running your fingers over thousands of sequins, while you create scintillating images. Embrace impermanence as you make a work of art only to sweep it away!

26) The Love Bus
it’s pink… it’s huge… it has balls… ’nuff said

27) Suspension Frame

28) Pillars of Principles
Each of the 10 Principles of Burning Man appear on a 6 ft tall solar powered pillar lighting the way through the night. It’s a fun, interactive way to learn about the 10 guiding Principles of our community.

29) Ballsy Rocker
A giant light up pirate ship.

30) Bubble Ball Bumper pit
Come duel it out sumo style in giant bubble soccer balls!

31 AND 43) The Big Burner Books
The BIG BURNER BOOKS are 6 ft tall community created art activity books! Test your luck in a giant game of battleship in the BIG BURNER BOOK OF FUN (31) , or try out a sexy new look in the BIG BURNER BOOK OF SEX (43)!

32) Berserkatroid – Dragon spewer of apocalyptic Hellfire
The Berserkatroid is a giant steel dragon incorporating a large vertical drum, actuated by an interactive mechanism. The dragon blows flames periodically from a propane poofter system
and contains over 1000 super bright neon rope LEDs.

33) Rainbow Raceway Castle
The rainbow raceway is a video game inspired race track built on the Playa by a collection of artists. The castle, which will be a centerpiece of the course, will be brought to BitF because its always fun to have another castle.

34) Scramble of Scandal
Take a stroll into The Yard Village and find our Scramble of Scandal. Grope your way up our overhanging bouldering wall where you’ll find naughty holds, dicks to drink from and other surprises. Scribble your favorite “Cock-Tales”. Open all the time.

35) Heliolunachrone

Heliolunachrone is a digital sundial and moondial. By day, the art piece tells you the approximate time by the shadow cast on the ground. By night, it uses blinking LEDs.

36) Trianglaphilia

37) Yggdrasil – The Fire Tree
Yggdrasil is a tree that runs through the nine worlds in Norse mythology. In the center of the tree is a heart of white hot fire. From these hellish flames we forge gift medallions. The tree is guarded by three fire-breathing ravens.

38) Radiance Towers
Illuminating its surroundings in an ethereal glow, Radiance Towers are light sculptures that bring the viewer into a world of wonder. Each tower is over eight feet tall with 900 RGB LEDS embedded into
the structure, creating a dynamic visualizations.

39) Giant Tetris
It’s a giant light up Tetris

40) Synesthetic Mirror
Synesthetic Mirror merges your body and the music to generate magical visuals! Come dance and play with friends & strangers alike in front of this installation’s sensors, transforming
yourselves into the digital domain.

41) Topple
A combination of hand and eye coordination, against the very laws of gravity and physics and one or many slightly impaired opponents. Work together or go for challenge / combat mode. You’ll need a bit of skill and some luck to win. Have a go!

42) Rock the Clit
Rock the Clit is an adult riding toy similar to that found in playgrounds mounted to a large coil spring.

43) SEE 31

44) The Pyramid of Jutenkhamun
The Pyramid of Jutenkhamun is a massive wooden pyramid built for use as a suspension frame. The outside is laser cut and adorned with intricate hieroglyphic engravings and cutouts that softly glow at night, bring your rope & aerial toys and hang out!

45) Kaleidopanel: Interactive Rainbow
Eighty square foot sound responsive rainbow wall. It consisting of ten 2′ x 4′ LED matrix panels mounted on a wooden structure.

46) 3 Minute Project
A structure where two people stand across from each other and with the touch of a button have 3 minutes. What will you do with 3 minutes?

47) Amanita Arcade (2.0)
The Amanita Arcade consists of four large mushrooms internally lit by LED lighting. The game element plays like the game ‘Simon'(TM). The players control the game play by pressing four smaller mushrooms with switches in them

48) Efflorescence
Our benches calls all your bums to our garden!! Burners can pull up, drop ass, and lounge amongst our flowers. Be memorized by the fire dripping down the small flower or press the spring-loaded
leaves to shoot off 10 foot flames from our large flower

49) Tiltation of Light
A Seesaw with twin seats at each end spark up the night using accelerometers and addressable LED strips to produce rolling balls of “fire” as people ride them up and down. The light intensity and sound
change as the seats moves up and down. The sound effects are gentle and resemble burbling underwater noises.

50) The Phoenix Rainbow
A 32′ wide by 16′ tall aluminum RBG LED giant Rainbow!

51) Show Me What You Got
SMWYG is a six foot tall humanoid alien head that interacts with participants at Vandango’s talent show, stripper pole contest, and other events via moving facial features and onboard speaker.

52) What the Eye Sees When It Is Closed
A glowing, consciousness-altering feast for the eyes, featuring the paintings of Michael Goudge

53) Jellyfish Ocean
Jellyfish Ocean is a swarm of jellyfish that has invaded BiTF. Each one consists of a LED to light up the ground below, and long flowing tentacles that will twirl carelessly in the breeze.

Rainbow Unicorn Chariot – roaming
I want to create a piece of art that is mobile and interactive. A glowing rainbow chariot driven by a glowing unicorn available to party-goers to catch a ride to the next stage or back to their campsite. There will also be gifts for all who ride.

Morning Bird (Birdcage Pedicab) – roaming
Put a big bird in a small cage, and she will sing. We put a piano, in a cage big enough for 3 musicians, on a tricycle, radically illuminated it. All aboard, and play your hearts out.

Dusty Drifting Disco – roaming
Dusty Drifting Disco is a mobile sound and light group that roams Burn in the Forest luring participants in with its addictive atmosphere created from its music and sparkling, swirling lights. We create an oasis of light and sound wherever we are.

Secret Cinema
A Secret Cinema in the woods! Costumes, popcorn, tasty drinks and more. It’s an interactive, fun-filled
evening of entertainment. But you must have a ticket to see the show. Keep your eyes peeled for the secret cinema crew during daytime debauchery.


Hippo Love
Hippo Love wants to cruise around BitF and spread its love! Come jump on and take a ride. Maybe you’ll even get to push the fire button!! Hippo Love is a two-level driveable hippo with room for 30 people to ride.

The HypnoTrike will hypnotise you with a ride around BitF or a suggestion of fun interactive activities (What’s your mission?)

Master BedVroom
A Victorian Steampunk carriage meets a master bedroom. Come take a ride in style.

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