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Action Faction (22)
Come transform yourself into a real-life action figure! Create costume accessories, and participate in an event wide action figure “wanted” game!

Baby Cheetah Camp (18)
Baby Cheetah Camp is back again, for all your baby cheetah needs – come and find your favourite!

Best Butt (24 @ The Yard Village)
Best Butt is a camp dedicated to all the wonderful asses out there! Come take a photo with our butt cut-outs, participate in the Best Butt competition, or get down to a booty blast workout! Located within The Yard Village.

Bonkers Empire (27)
Bonkers Empire is a jank-ass saloon, exquisite cocktail lounge and greasy spoon all wrapped up in questionable playlists and beautiful art.

Boobs & Berries (1)
Our radically faux-clusive yacht cooperative is a place of marine-themed amusement, sprinkled with berries and seamen. Let’s get naughty-cal!

Burning Glam (12)
Burning Glam! is a dress-up theme camp and free store. Experiment with self-expression and take the clothes with you!

Camp Beaverton & Gender Blender (14)
A camp created for all LGBTQ folks and allies. A safe and proud space for all. Come for a clit-tail or just to hang with rad folks.

Camp Reflect (15)

Candyland (2)
Candyland is where all of your sweet candy dreams come true! This playful theme camp hosts a candy buffet that is refilled morning, noon and night.

Centre Camp
Where all the fun happens!

Coffee Camp (6)
We’ll be having “THE CRAIC” at Coffee Camp Cafe. Delicious coffees, workshops and interactive activities are all on the menu. See you all there!

Dante’s InFURno (29)
Explore the nine circles of furry hell at our two-storey bar and cushy chill space. Late night funky beats, pole dancing and sinful sensual cuddle zone!

The Department of Pubic Wigs (@ 24 The Yard Village)
Come get weird with The Department of Pubic Wigs! Salty seamen and hirsute hula girls leave your bottoms behind in this merkin making extravaganza! What’s a merkin you ask? Not to worry, we will convey the clever history of these clam coverings. Your kitty cold? We have you covered!

Descent Camp (30)

Doodle Camp (8)
Artist or artist-at-heart? Love to Doodle? We supply pens, posters, blank paper, encouragement and occasional workshops. You supply self-expression.

DOOMed (8)
This will function as the base of operations for DPW affairs. If it doesn’t work (ie volunteer shortage, or our own destructive tendencies) we’re DOOMED!

The Empress (4)
Welcome to the Empress, the last bastion of a failed Empire, and your home at home, away from home! Join us in our interpretation of a Victorian Drawing Room…. and a more civilized time, where drinking tea among friends was the highlight of the day. Our gracious hosts will serve you tea and biscuits every afternoon, evening, and into the wee hours. The Queen never had it so good!

Grilled Cheesers (13 @ Space Fam Village)
Grilled Cheesers will showcase the beauty of the grilled cheese/Caesar combo.

The Goonies (13 @ Space Fam Village)
A goon squad from the Goonies will show people all the different ways to pack wine in a bag.

The Hitching Post (3)
Haaay! Join our stampede! Make your own hobby horse to race in First Past the Post. Hitch your trusty steed to our Post while you visit The Low Bar.

Monkey Camp (16)
Monkey Camp is built on a strong foundation of the 10 principles of Burning Man and goes further to highlight and encourage spontaneous play of all kinds by providing a positive, creative, safe space to celebrate the kid in us adults! We embrace each other’s unique self-expressions and support personal explorations as they arise. Laugh, dance, jest, enjoy a workshop, have fun, hang out and PLAY in our Monkey Trees, take a nap, view the world from above, eat some fruit!!

Nipple Frost (20)
Nipple Frost is a service and sound camp. We provide ice for your cooler, a place to lounge and party, and performances by dj’s.

One Hot Mess (26)
OHM – One Hot Mess. Bringing back the heat from Alberta for the second year.

Piece of Sit (5)
When you just can’t stand it anymore, pull up a chair and sit on it. A Peace of Sit is a peaceful enclave to gather, relax and chill to a sweet vibe.

Pinenipple Express (11)
We are dedicated to the pinenipple experience which includes our joyous love of pineapples that we will share with BitF.

Puck’s Palace Camp (28)

Rainbow Tramp (17)
A trampish camp with a love for rainbows. Come bounce or lounge with us…

Sacrificial Fruit   (@ 24 The Yard Village)

Sacrificial Fruit will provide a climbing wall along with a cozy shaded lounge area decorated with lights and saris. Come play in our yard and enjoy drinks, snacks, games, and workshops!

Secret Cinema (10)
A Secret Cinema in the forest showing some of your favourite movies. Costumes mandatory and encouraged. Come and be whimsical with us!

Shadow Puppet Pavilion (31)
The Shadow Puppet Pavilion aims to create an immersive environment to lose yourself in the moment, and dance the night away to some Fat, Bass Beats.

Space Fam Village (13)
Come on and slam, welcome to the Space Fam! We’re here to take you to brand new worlds, created and colonized by the Space Jamily.

Valhalla (23)
Valhalla is a little taste of viking heaven. We bring 300 ft2 of comfort and warmth inside our lavish 12th century yurt. Chill beats & warm cuddle.

Vandango (25)
Leave your chakras and earth crystals at home. We’re here to push your buttons and pour you some lovin’. Directly into your face hole.

Viking Camp (21)
Viking Camp! Roasting pigs, flowing ale, warring clans, games & debauchery… Assert your inner Viking and follow us to Valhalla!

Waffle Dungeon (7)
Minnesota crew. Ever have hear of Waffle House??? Way too default world. Wake up for waffles and exquisite predicaments.

Waffle Love Dome (9)
We are back and Wafflicious as ever! Offering sweet sounds, waffles and a funomenal space. Come party early afternoons to shake your sugar maker.

Whiptail Lizards (13 @ Space Fam Village)
Whiptail Lizards will bring that reptilian pasty fun.

The Yard Village (24)
The Yard Village: An archetypal back yard with some twists. Featuring a cozy lounge, crafts, games, interactive art, and workshops.


Descent Sound Stage
Old School theme nights: Goth / Industrial Night An evening of New Wave music 80’s Night! An afternoon of peaceful Kirtan music

Jam Camp

Nipple Frost

Puck’s Palace
We are the friendly people who bring you the sound stage Puck’s Palace.

Shadow Puppet Pavilion
The Shadow Puppet Pavilion aims to create an immersive environment to lose yourself in the moment, and dance the night away to some Fat, Bassey Beats.

The Boobs & Berries Yacht Cooperative
Our radically faux-clusive yacht cooperative is a place of marine-themed amusement, sprinkled with berries and seamen. Let’s get naughty-cal!

We play music with words. And piss people off, apparently.
Services provided: A friendly by-donation bar (you bring your own drinks, we serve them back to you). Snarky bartenders. Music with words (all songs for our patrons have words with them). A strip pole for dancing. A flying dildo hung by a string to throw at your friends. A bench to sit at and soft astroturf to pass out on. A karaoke machine. A Giant Talking Head that MCs our Talent Show. Drink-O: A Game of Drinks. Late night banter.

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