BitF Newsletter : Monday July 10th

  1. Mosquitos! Oh my!
  2. What’s the deal with ICE?
  3. NEW! Crew (volunteer) HQ
  4. Reminder about alcohol & cans being MOOPed all over!
  5. Leave No Trace (LNT) Champions & Action Hero Ambassadors
  6. Got Questions?


1. Mosquitos! Oh my!

Report from Luisa who’s on site already: bring mosquito spray and if you react, antihistamines and afterbite. It’s worse at dusk just like past years. This year is a bit more like two years ago than last year, though. Remember you’re camping in Canada. BE PREPARED!!

Ryan also shared : “2 years ago at BitF on Monday there were swarms attacking every person … they were biting thru the netting attacking any open skin. By Thursday they were gone, and everyone just arriving thought we were pranking them 😀

Some participants, such as Lauren & Mika, have prepared some homemade bug juice that they will be gifting out.

Here’s the recipe they used: Make an Effective Mosquito Repellent w/ Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

2. What’s the deal with ICE?!

As per the Survival Guide: “Please be self sufficient and bring all that you need. Keep coolers out of sun and open sparingly. Try a second cooler for drinks.”
That being said, one of our fantastic theme camps, Nipple Frost, is GIFTING ICE! Here’s what you need to know:

Bring a container!

  • Ice is loose, so you need to bring something to carry it in, ie sturdy plastic bags, containers, small cooler


  • Thursday 10am-2pm: First dibs only for Production, DPW  & set up crews who have been on site setting up since at least Tuesday.
  • Friday  10am-2pm: open to all, first come first serve, limited quantities per person
  • Saturday  10am-2pm: open to all, first come first serve, limited quantities per person
  • Sunday 10am: FREE FOR ALL! Have an ice bath! Start your own pocket ice empire! Make people down the river believe it’s spring thaw! Take as much as you want!

Bonus : see a little video message from the Nipple Frost leader:

3. NEW! Crew (volunteer) HQ

That’s it, that’s all, the Volunteer Coordination team is officially going offline as we prep and get ready to move our operations onsite to our shiny, new Crew (volunteer) HQ! We want to send a HUGE thanks to everyone who completed the Be the Crew survey and signed up for shifts. This year, by far, has been the best yet for full shifts and teams prior to the event starting. We do still have empty shifts though, so please come visit us at Crew HQ to find out which teams are still in need.

What’s Crew HQ you ask? Well, let me tell you. It’s our central hub for any and all questions regarding volunteering to be a part of the crew at BiTF. Forgot when your shift was? Come to Crew HQ. Want to sign yourself or a friend up for empty shifts? Come to Crew HQ! Aren’t sure where you’re supposed to meet for the start of your shift or who your lead is? Crew HQ will know that and many, many other things too!

So come chill in our shaded, comfy tent in Centre Camp and learn more about a different way of participating at BiTF.
See you all in the forest! T-minus 3 days 🙂
Krystal and Janelle – Crew HQ Co-Leads AND

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Volunteer Coordination Team
Laura Y , Shayla, Stephanie, Krystal, Janelle, Tabitha, Laura W, Sarah, Kale, Sigrun
Reference: BitF 2017 event site map in the Survival Guide | The Ten Principles

4. Reminder about alcohol & cans being MOOPed all over!

As per our strict Alcohol Policy, you are forbidden to consume alcohol outside of your or other people’s personal camp / theme camp.
PLEASE don’t leave your camp site with your open cans and bottles (Also try not to bring bottles to minimize breakage.)
Bring your personal reusable unbreakable cup with you when you leave your own camp to visit other people’s camps and enjoy their offerings within their camp location.
Tell your neighbours/friends about this if you see them walking around with cans!

Don’t forget we are a leave no trace event. Please don’t make other people pick up after you. Last year I spent the first few hours of my production shifts picking up many many cans. Don’t make other people be responsible for your MOOP. CUPS!!!!! Yay CUPS!
Much love and see you all there, Thanks,
Volunteer Coordination Team Co-Lead
Reference: Alcohol Policy

5. Leave No Trace (LNT) Champions & Action Hero Ambassadors

This year at BitF, Leave No Trace (LNT) will have some awesome Champions (for Theme Camps & Art Projects) and Action Hero Ambassadors present all over the site.

They will be there to offer support to all of us, helping us take responsibility for our own stuff, and keeping each other accountable in Leaving NO Trace.
We teamed up with Action Faction to give LNT volunteers special edition Action Hero LNT SUPER DE-MOOPER Capes to don on shift 🙂 Made by Super Nickie. SUPER THANK YOU!

You too can go to Action Faction and make your own Super Hero Cape! Which totally rocks :).  Mother Earth needs all of us to be Super Heroes on her behalf, for our own sake. LEAVE NO TRACE.

LNT Co-Lead
[email protected]
References: Survival Guide | What to Bring (or Not) | Welcome to the Cheam Fishing Village! | Respecting our Hosts  | The Ten Principles

6. Got Questions?

First, try a search on the website! So many of the answers are there!
Second, try a search in the BitF 2017 Facebook group, maybe someone already asked?
Third, if all else fails, you can try sending an email to the appropriate team lead via the Contact Us page. NOTE that MOST leads will already be on site by Tues/Wed, so please be self reliant and only email us if you really can’t find the answer on your own.

Thanks all! Safe journeys, and see you in the dust… uhmmm we mean forest!