Volunteer meals at Commissary

If you have a shift from Tuesday to Sunday there’s commissary set up to feed you dinner.
This is what you need to know;
*Commissary starts at 6:30
*You need to bring your utensils to your shift only if you’re crewing through dinner 6-10:00
* If you’re on shift from 6-10pm dinner will be brought to you. Remember, for these shifts only, Bring you own cutlery
* If you signed up through Volcor you’re on a list at commissary down by the beach.
* If you sign up onsite or after Volcor closed you need to get a commissary ticket at the Vollie Hub at Centre Camp
Go to “volunteer hub” at centre camp to do that

Also, please check in with your leads to ensure you get credit for your hours of contribution to the event. The leads will be confirming shifts after the event. If you don’t know who your lead is, just ask! We want to get to know all of you.

See you soon!
If you’re confused please email us!
Your Volunteer Coordination Team
[email protected]

Rideshares needed

Still lots of folks looking for rides! Please help if you can!
Check the rideshare tabs in this doc: http://bit.ly/BitF2017Connect