January 23, 2018 • BitF 2018, BitF 2018 News

BitF 2018 IMPORTANT INFO! Please read carefully

Hey all,

We have some important news about Effigy and Temple submissions as well as a change of date for the Town Hall.

Town Hall will now be March 26th (NOT MARCH 27th as previously mentioned). Apologies for that error.

EFFIGY and TEMPLE Submissions are now open!

This year we have made some IMPORTANT changes to the Effigy submission guidelines so PLEASE REVIEW THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY!


Hello BitF 2018 Community!

We are excited to announce that the 2018 BitF Effigy and Temple submissions are now open.

Please note the following 2018 event specific criteria regarding your submission:



    • Any submission over 20′ tall automatically cannot be fire-burned.  
    • By all means, we invite other sizes and dimensions for the Effigy! It just won’t fire-burn.
    • The maximum height-to-width ratio is capped at 2:1 (so a 20′ high structure can only be as wide as 10′) if you want your Effigy submission to qualify to be considered for a fire-burn *Subject to meeting all other requirements and passing a safety inspection, local authority sign-off and venue-host approval.
    • Materials:
      • Absolutely NO CEDAR allowed
      • No wood materials that spark are allowed
    • FIRE BURN PLAN: Your submission MUST include a detailed FIRE BURN PLAN in the event that we are able to FIRE-BURN the effigy and that your submission meets all other requirements that qualifies it to fire-burn. The fire-burn plan will be reviewed by members of the production team, and fire-safety team, for initial approval. **A FIRE-BURN PLAN DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT THE EFFIGY CAN BE FIRE-BURNED**
    • NO-FIRE BURN PLAN: Your submission MUST ALSO include a feasible, realistic, and detailed NO-FIRE BURN PLAN in the event that we are unable to fire-burn the effigy due to a variety of reasons including weather, local authority, safety, etc.
    • Any Submission received without a NO-FIRE BURN PLAN will be rejected, automatically.
    • All EFFIGY submissions must include a LEAVE NO TRACE PLAN.



  • Due to logistical constraints, for 2018 at least, we are NOT ABLE TO FIRE-BURN the Temple.
    • Even though a fire-burn isn’t possible, we encourage and invite alternative ways to have the ceremonial impact as a fire-burn, but without the fire.
  • All TEMPLE submissions must include a LEAVE NO TRACE PLAN.
  • There is no size restriction for the temple because it cannot be fire-burned.

Please review all of the information required before submitting your application:

  • Name of your Effigy/Temple Design
  • Artistic Concept
  • Effigy Team Bio
  • Construction Methods
  • Sound & Lighting
  • Fire Design – Burn Plan (Effigy only)
  • No Burn Plan (Effigy & Temple)
  • Safety Plan
  • Leave No Trace Plan
  • Itemized Budget
  • Concept Picture

Submissions should go here:

Temple: //burnintheforest.com/temple-2018-application-form/
Effigy: //burnintheforest.com/effigy-2018-application-form/

Deadline: March 15, 2018

Thank you,
Curation and Info Producers, BITF 2018.

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