March 20, 2018 • BitF 2018, BitF 2018 News

Art Placement Application Form is OPEN

We are now accepting art placement applications for BITF July 12-15 2018!

Art, and specifically Interactive Art, is a pillar of Burning Man culture and of Burn In The Forest. Each year, dozens of artists put together an array of mind-blowing sculptures, fire art, LED effects, thought-provoking pieces, and even slip-n-slides, to make the BITF experience truly unique.


April 15th- Deadline for art applications TO GET DIRECTED TICKETS

May 27th- Deadline for art applications TO RECEIVE PLACEMENT

Please find the application form at this link:

Feel free to email: [email protected] with any questions!

It’s going to be a spectacular event this year!!

See for information on grants!

Kristen Huskins & Kyle Almond, Art Placement Leads, BITF 2018

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