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Effigy and Temple Submissions 2018

Temple Submission – MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE – Stephanie Postulo
Artistic Concept
Message in a Bottle is a 28′ x28′ x18′ labyrinth of waves with a bottle bobbing at it’s centre. A perfect place to seek refuge from our robot overlords. What will your message be?

Sound & Lighting
The labyrinth will be lit with LED battery operated strip lights within the waves and the bottle will feature a battery operated lantern strung from the interior neck of the bottle.

Temple Team Bio
Stephanie Postulo
Designer, Builder. Previous projects include Staulo Wishing Well, Cascadia Seperium, Tread Lightly, Embrace
Phil Jones
Wookie of all trades. Previous projects include Staulo Wishing Well, Pier Two, Embrace and Bubble camp
Nathan Sulivan
Builder, LNT Lead. Previous projects include Staulo Wishing Well.


Temple Submission “THROUGH THE PROCESS” Details
Artistic Concept
When I was at Burning Man in 2015 I was able to process the loss of a step brother a few months earlier in the Temple. Last year when I was at BitF we did not have a Temple. A Burn just isn’t the same without it.
I want to create a paper-wall maze symbolizing the struggle of dealing with emotions and memories. One entrance will have three possible paths, with only one corridor that leads to the inner room where people can contemplate and write messages on the walls. Here they can reflect and connect with their deepest selves.

Sound & Lighting
LED lighting, solar panel with battery as a backup to the LEDs
No sound

Temple Team Bio
| I am Shawn Eades Lead: 25 years self employed as a carpenter, Emily Carr University of Art and Design graduate, 7 years of theater set painting and puppet building, 22 years Licensed Pyrotechnic for creating display Firework shows, 7 years motorcycle mechanic and builder.
Clair Anderson 8 years self-employed in the circle of life. Successfully raised an offspring to a tall 6’1″ stature with amazing sarcastic tendencies LOVE to get my hands dirty, comfortable swinging tools (with style). 6-time attendee of Burning Man, over 11 years helping increase the awesome at Burn in the Forest.

Effigy Submission – HOMO CYBORGIS – Nico Woodward
Artistic Concept
Have you ever wondered what our future Robot overlords will look like? Will they look like the scifi creations of our favourite movies? Or will they look like us? Will they be responsible overlords, or ruthless dictatorial rulers? Or, will they land somewhere in between? Will they make our lives easier or much, much harder? Only time will tell, unless of course you come to Burn in the forest 2018.
The theme this year has made me think about these ideas and how we are likely to interact with the robots of the future. We may work in partnership with them, or we might be at war with them. But ultimately we will have to coexist in some shape or form. But what if there isn’t a separation? What if humans and robots are not separate beings, but one entity? Who would be the ruler and who would be ruled? We are already at a point where this line is being blurred, and it is arguable whether we are in control of our technology, or our technology controls us. The future isn’t very far away, in fact, it’s just around the corner.

And so, I bring you Homo Cyborgis, a proposal to be this year’s effigy at Burn in the forest 2018. They will stand 20 feet tall, birthed from the earth, coming to terms with their new reality. Buried up to their chest in the earth, they will for now, be contained. But this will be no ordinary robot. Part human, part robot, this cyborg overlord will be highly interactive. You will be able to climb on their shoulders, into the head, to really get inside the mind of our future. Will it be dark? will it be light? Will you be in control? These are questions that only you can answer or find out by interacting with this Homo Cyborgis
Made entirely from recycled materials, this project aims to shift the thinking around using new materials for burnable art. I have a strong history of bringing large art to events using readily accessible materials. At the same time helping break down the barriers to building big art through having an inclusive, diverse build crew that’s not just a bunch of dudes, and giving over creative ownership for parts of the project.
I want to incorporate the old with the new, the past and the future. The intractable difference between Homo Sapiens (Thesis) and Robots (Antithesis) has now reached its logical conclusion in Homo Cyborgis (Synthesis). What are you waiting for, come step back in time into the future.

Sound and Lighting
Inside the head there will be an expanding lamp brain that will be activated by a bicycle generator also within the head. If there’s no one pedalling, then there will be no light inside.
There will also be a variety of buttons and switches that will activate different elements within the head. These will be mains powered along with the exterior lighting. All lighting for this effigy will be LED based, so very low draw.
For the exterior, I’ll be using an Arduino controller for the lighting effects on the exposed robotic section of the face. These will highlight the cyborg nature of the effigy at night. I am not going to be using any flood lighting, instead will have various LED lighting fixtures placed within the skin to make this effigy glow.
I prefer subtle lighting effects instead of a large wash of light. All of the lighting needs could be powered by a small generator or would be happy to collaborate with another camp/art installation and share power needs. I anticipate my power needs being met by using a 1kva generator.

No sound.

Effigy Team Bio
Nico Woodward-Art Lead/Project Manager: Having been art lead for 3 previous large art projects at burn events as well as a range of other artistic endeavors, this is well within my skillset to pull off. I have a range of artistic experiences from more traditional stone carving, small installations, temporary works, permanent works as well as a range of art designed to burn. Professionally trained as a Registered Nurse I bring fantastic delegation skills, a creative mind and inclusive management style to my build projects. I look forward to bringing this year’s effigy to BITF2018.
I am still contacting people and checking availability as I am fairly new to Vancouver, but have already had a plethora of interest in assisting on this build project. I strive to have an even gender mix, and avoid a male-dominated build team. Because this build will be happening over 2 and a half months there will be lots of opportunity for people to help out during the build period.
As far as crew already confirmed;
Rebekah Kelsey-My partner in crime and ace builder. She has helped me on multiple projects and is more capable than a lot of people I know.
Max Woodward-My brother and lead designer. I have been collaborating with Max to create finalised drawings for both this application as well as for scale drawings. He has a wealth of construction knowledge and is a design wiz.
Diia Bourke-Coming all the way from Auckland, New Zealand, Diia is an all round star. She worked on the temple at kiwiburn 2018 and the giant weta project that we brought to burning man 2016.

By Tango and Dayna “The Mixtress” Scodras
A robot is a machine that is controlled by a computer. Artificial intelligence (AI) is developing at an exponential rate. What will the evolution of technology bring?
“Botany” relates to plants and plant life.
Welcome your new robot overlord: Robotany.
Robotany will be a 20 ft tall robotic plant. The two stalks move and undulate. The pods on top of the stalks open and close and spit fire. The movement will be triggered by movement in the plant’s field of vision. There will be seating areas for participants to sit and watch the stalks and pods move, change, and spit fire.
The roots of the stalks reach down to the centre of the floor where their movement can be seen and felt.
Eight metal panels with intricate patterns cut out by a CNC plasma cutter will be backlit with addressable LEDs. The colours and reflections will dance in response to the music.
Music and vibration will add to the sensory experience inside the structure.
You will be lured and lulled by the promise of better life under your new robotanical overlord.
The future is Robotany!

PDF of Submission found here Burn in the Forest Effigy 2018 – Robotony


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