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Upcoming Deadlines – Theme Camp & Art Placement, Grants, and Tickets

The deadline for Art Placement and Theme Camp Placement Applications needing Directed Tickets has been extended to ***APRIL 15th at 11:59pm!***
Please submit as soon as possible.

=== UPCOMING DEADLINES for BitF 2018 Art and Theme Camp Placement, Directed Tickets & Grants – SEE BELOW ===
Art Placement:
April 15th – Deadline for art applications TO RECEIVE DIRECTED TICKETS and PLACEMENT
May 27th – Deadline for art applications TO RECEIVE PLACEMENT ONLY
Theme Camp and Sound Stage Placement (and Directed Tickets):
April 15th – Deadline for theme camp and sound stage applications TO RECEIVE DIRECTED TICKETS AND PLACEMENT
May 27th – Deadline for theme camp and sound stages TO RECEIVE PLACEMENT ONLY
GVIAS Art Grants:
April 15th – Deadline for MEDIUM Grants (up to $500 for new pieces; up to $250 for refurbishment)
June 10th – Deadline for Micro Grants ($100) and Kids’ Art Grants ($100)
Main Sale Registration: April 15, 2018 (Closes May 5, 2018 11:59:59 pm PST)
Reserve/Pay: May 6, 2018 (Opens 9 am PST)

BitF 2018 Directed Tickets For Volunteers (April 15th):
You are eligible for a directed ticket if you have given more than 19 hours of your time to the past year’s cycle of GVIAS events (BitF 2017, Dustcovery 2017, ReCharge 2018), if you helped to produce one of these events, or if you sit on the GVIAS Board or Art Grants Committee.
Emails for these directed tickets have now been sent.
See here for more information:



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