May 30, 2018 • BitF 2018, BitF 2018 News, Volunteer

BitF 2018 Needs You!

Hi everyone this is IMPORTANT!

Guess what?! The shift schedules for all but three BitF event production teams that need volunteers are SPECTACULARLY EMPTY. Like, soooo empty, and if we have to push really hard to have them fill up we might need to consider decreasing the event size next year rather than sustaining our new population. 🙁

Also, EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED in the PAST VOLUNTEER, ADVANCE TICKET SALE this year GOT A TICKET. All you need to be eligible for that sale is 4 to 19 hours doing event production-related shifts.

If you want easier access to a ticket next year, and to see our event continue to grow, please take a moment and fill out this form and you will be contact by a Volunteer Coordinator with a link to sign up for shifts on the teams you choose:


BitF 2018 Volunteer Group Producer

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