May 17, 2018 • BitF 2018, BitF 2018 News

Leave your entitlement at the door please…

With the event rapidly approaching, the Curation Team will be digesting all of the data processed from your applications to commence with (drum roll please) making the map and placing the awesomeness our community has brought together! 

We ask that everyone be reminded that Entitlement is not one of the 10 principles, and trust that decisions need to be made to compromise the needs of the event with the needs of your camp/art/sounds stage,  etc.  

Understand we cannot accommodate everything requested but we will work together to find solutions to issues as they arise after the placement meeting has happened on June 2nd. 

Looking forward to another amazing BITF, **now with 25% more people** and 100% more cool.


Curation Producer BITF 2018

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