Your Vancouver Regional Contacts are happy to announce that we have received notification from the Burning Man Organization that Burn in the Forest 2018 has been approved as an Official Burning Man Regional Eve
Receiving this status is an honour, and we want to ensure that everyone feels included in the creation of our flagship community event. There are lots of ways to participate, and volunteers are needed! Please visit the website, and sign up to share in the joy of being a creator of this magical event. It’s not work if you’re having THAT MUCH FUN!

This status allows the Production team to utilize the trademarked logo and words such as ‘Burning Man’ in their materials. The RCs are tasked with overseeing and ensuring that the event adheres to all guidelines, requirements and that the event follows Burning Man’s 10 Principles. Guidelines include such things as making sure the event is:
– Properly permitted (occupancy, fire, sound, etc) and in accordance with local laws
– Properly insured, naming the associated organizing entity, and “Black Rock City, LLC” as additional insured.
– Has safety/medical, security and appropriate fire safety plans
– All accounting must be transparent
– Post event wrap up reports & Financials posted publicly
– Any funds raised should benefit the entire community

Congratulations to the Burn in the Forest Production Team, to the Gvias Board and to our community for the care and attention to these guidelines and for their thorough application.

Only 24 days until gates open at Vancouver’s Burn in the Forest!

If you have further questions on this subject, please contact your Vancouver Regional Contacts: [email protected]

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