June 10, 2018 • BitF 2018, BitF 2018 News

Attention Fire Performers

Want to be in the big fire show before the effigy burn? Come sign up and join in.

Friday night we will be having a open jam. We provide the music and some fuel, and everyone is welcome to come spin fire. Sign up is not mandatory for Friday night but it helps if you do sign up so we can know how many to expect.

Bring your own tools, and extra fuel couldn’t hurt.

Saturday we will be doing a 15 minute performance before the effigy burn. Everyone who feels confident they can perform safely is welcome to join in.

To be in the Saturday show you must attend the rehersal/practice from 2-4pm the day of the burn. And then show up for the performance at 9pm with fire safe clothing and sober enough to perform.

Deadline to sign up is July 7th(one week before the burn).

If you have choreo prepared you would like to show off, let me know.

Sign up here:


I will respond within 24hrs, if I do not pls email me as your form may not have gone through.

If you have any trouble signing up message me direct at [email protected]


Ty Fawks

BITF Fire Perdormance Lead

& Stalking Lynx

BITF Fire Perdormance Co-lead

[email protected]

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