June 29, 2018 • BitF 2018, BitF 2018 News

Effigy Burn Update!

From “The BITF Fire Safety Team”

Effigy Burn Update! In response to community input after last year’s burn, we put in place a new protocol to make burn/no burn decisions based on conditions and the input of all stakeholders; the decision tree for 2018 is attached.

We can happily report that we passed the 3-week decision gate, and with the recent wet weather things are looking good for a safe burn. Our next check in with the stakeholders is in just over a week…fingers crossed for (a bit) more Juneuary weather!

As announced previously, the effigy has a backup “no-fire” burn plan in place, so there will be a Saturday night ceremony no matter what. With some luck in the weather and the approval of all stakeholders, it will hopefully be a toasty one!


❤ The BITF Fire Safety Team

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