June 10, 2018 • BitF 2018, BitF 2018 News

Important OPS Info

Hi BitF Attendees,

We can’t wait to share this event with you! The Ops Team would like to remind you about the following:

  1. BitF is a “no ins and outs event.”
  2. The official Gate goes up at noon on Tuesday, July 10th to help facilitate artists, theme camps, and production to set up. If you are coming early, you need to apply for early entry.
  3. Pre-event: Gate is locked at 10pm until 10am the next day.
  4. Official Gate Hours for the event: Thursday July 12th and Friday July 13th 10am – 10pm.
  5. Camping in your vehicle? If you are part of a theme camp, you camp lead has information on how to manage it. If you are in General Camping or RV Parking, please read full info Parking at the Event AND fill out this form: RV & Vehicle Camping Form.
  6. Do you have concerns about accessibility at BitF? Please see #7.
  7. Questions? Write to the [email protected]
  8. The Ops Team loves you! Help us help you! Plan ahead, and figure yourselves out sooner than later.

-BigTuna Ops Producer
Dany & Blue Associate Ops Producers

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