June 27, 2018 • BitF 2018, BitF 2018 News

Leave No Trace Guide 2018

Don’t be a MOOPer! Don’t know what MOOP is? Want to know what constitutes MOOP? Looking for tips on how to leave your campsite MOOP-free? Well look no further! Our wonderful LNT (Leave No Trace) leads have created this handy guide for you. Read it and use your knowledge not only at Burning Man events but in your regular day-to-day life too!

Link to guide: LNT Guide 2018

Speaking of LNT – we still have some shifts left under the DPW section in the Be the Crew 2018 Survey, so fill in the form and you’ll get an email to sign up for available shifts. Participation and LNT go hand in hand to make us an Official Burning Man Regional event!

Cheers from the Production Team

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