July 5, 2018 • BitF 2018, BitF 2018 News

Behold our What? Where? When? (WWW)!

Artwork by Sam Shoichet

When we surveyed participants many said they’d prefer to not have printed copies so we’ve reduced the number of copies we will be distributing at the event. Here’s an online copy that you can download to your device, take notes of what you don’t want to miss or simply print the pages that interest you. We will have some printed copies at Gate and our Acculturation Ambassadors will also be passing them out.

Keep in mind that not every event is listed in the WWW and be on the lookout for boards posted at camps with their daily activities. Also remember that ‘burner time’ sometimes means delays or sudden changes so keep an open mind and be prepared for adapting as you go along. Some people like to go ‘free-range’ and decide to participate on a whim. Others enjoy planning out their schedule with the possibility of throwing it all out the window in the face of spontaneous distractions. Wherever you land on the spectrum we encourage you to participate at any workshops and events that pique your interest.

Artwork by Sam S. WWW content work done by Trina H.
Thanks to both for being awesome and working with our tightened deadline this year. 

Follow this link to find the WWW: What Where When Guide 2018

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