July 12, 2018 • BitF 2018, BitF 2018 News, General Ticketing, Volunteer

BitF 2018 MegaPost – Final Update!

Burn in the Forest is July 12-15!
You MUST read the Survival Guide:
Lots of Volunteer positions are still open. BitF is 100% volunteer-run. The volunteer coordinators are no longer checking emails. All volunteer inquiries, please go to the Volunteer Hub on-site between 11pm-5pm each day.
Tickets are officially sold out.
No tickets available at the Gate!
If you are transferring a ticket, ensure you enter the email address of the recipient correctly!
Tickets Exchange and Ride Shares (Check the different sheets at the bottom left):
Please post if you have tickets/rides available (face value ticket sales ONLY!)
Official website:
BitF is supported by the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society:
Join the 2018 BitF group here:
Join the general BitF announcement group here:
Join the Vancouver Burning Man community here:
Burn in the Forest is an Official Burning Man Regional Event!
We follow the Ten Principles of Burning Man:
Happy Burn!

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