July 10, 2018 • BitF 2018, BitF 2018 News

Effigy Burn Update!

In response to community input after last year’s burn, we put in place a new protocol to make burn/no burn decisions based on conditions and the input of all stakeholders; the decision tree for 2018 is attached.

We have now successfully passed the 3-week and 1-week decision gates. Conditions on the site are lush, the fire hazard in the area is low, and we don’t expect any barriers to a safe burn. Our final decision gates are on Thursday, and then again the night of the burn. The forecast is calling for hot weather, but the residual moisture levels will likely keep us in good shape through the weekend.

Please, ALWAYS be fire risk-aware, particularly with cigarettes and propane devices. The forest may be lush, but plastic tents and costumes can ignite very easily.

❤️ The BITF Fire Safety Team


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