November 24, 2018 • BitF 2019, Volunteer

Associate Producers Wanted!

Hi all,

The 2019 BitF Production team needs YOU! We’ve got openings for two associate producer roles. These are great positions to learn what goes on behind the scenes to make our event great and increase your leadership skills.

Please fill out this survey if you are interested in being an Associate Producer or a Team Lead for BitF 2019.

Info on positions to fill:

Hello everyone!
I’m the producer for the Systems team! I’m looking to for a protégé as well as a website/tools lead to overhaul our site! Systems handles everything from the contract/insurance, cost control, procurement/vendors, ticketing as well as the website and tools used by the team. If one of these roles is something you would be interested in applying for, please fill out an “application” here.
-Caleb “Spidey”, Systems Producer

Hey y’all! i’m the producer of bitf’s curation team, and i’m looking to fill a couple lead roles for 2019! my team manages all the applications for and needs of theme camps, art projects, sound stages, and workshops. we support the effigy and temple teams, and create centre camp. if you’re feeling super enthusiastic about taking on a lead role, have interest/experience in event planning and administration, and have excellent social skills (most of what we do is managing applications, liaising between people, and telling artists “no” ), then follow this link, give the page a skim, and fill out the application form at the end! cant wait to work w you (;
– Hillary, Curation Producer

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