March 27, 2019 • BitF 2019


One challenge we faced was deciding which weekend to run our event this year. We had the choice of the same weekend as Bass Coast, or the following weekend when there was an event scheduled to arrive on Monday the 22nd. We chose the latter.

This means that the main exodus time will be 1pm on July 21st while Theme Camps, Sound Camps and Art projects will need to be leaving by 3pm on July 21st. This will allow our LNT team to finish their sweep before the next event starts arriving.

This means everyone who is driving needs to make sure they’re sober in time for exodus. We also want to make sure you’re not too tired for the drive home. We’ve heard some camps are already looking into hotels in Princeton to spend Sunday night and rejuvenate for the ride home. There are also plenty of campsites nearby that you could consider booking.

While we practice Radical Self-Reliance your SAFETY is very important to us. We want to make sure you’re all thinking of this piece of logistics well in advance and making plans for a safe journey home after the event.

Stay tuned for more important announcements!

Your 2019 BitF Production Team

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