April 10, 2019 • BitF 2019

Effigy and Temple Submissions – Read up!

EDIT – we have a winner.

You SAW the submissions;
133 of you VOTED for your favourite;

And now
The 2019 BitF Effigy and Temple are:

The Catenary by Zack Glanzberg

Isocohedral by Joel Watson

To VOTE for the Effigy and Temple for Burn in the Forest 2019!!!

Thank you to all the artists for their amazing submissions! We are so lucky to have such incredibly passionate and motivated artists in our community.

Scroll down first to peruse the project proposals, then to the bottom for the link to vote. The poll closes at 11:59pm on Friday, April 12th. Don’t dawdle! The winning Temple submission will be announced on Saturday the 13th.

We received one (incredible) Effigy proposal, and have therefore, sadly, been deprived of the thrill of competition. Check out The Catenary below to see the amazing BitF 2019 Effigy!

There are two Temple proposals to struggle to choose between: Icosohedral and Oasis. Take a look!


<3 Hillary, Curation Producer


Working from the 2019 ‘Chrysalis’ theme, The Catenary takes a cocoon shape where people are invited to connect, relax and reflect in the airy and open structure. Using computational design, the interconnected elements come together without the need for fasteners and creates a dynamic form for light and shadow during the day and interior based light projection and accenting at night. The structure will measure 10′ in diameter by 19′ tall and primarily be built of plywood.

Zack Glanzberg from Vancouver BC will be lead designer and fabricator for the project. Zack is a computational designer and has his red seal in Joinery. He has recently completed a master course in parametric design and is currently working as a CNC technician. Zack is actively involved with the regional Burning Man community with projects such as Giant Paint by Numbers and Badger’s Hideout theme camp.

Dale Reid will be the second main producer for the effigy. Dale has years of experience in the fabrication industry for museums and science centres and will be leading the roll for power and lighting of the project.

Internal, projector based lighting will accent the parametric form at night in a play of colour and shadow. There is currently no plan for audio.


I was deeply moved the personal experience I had finding the temple at burning man on my first visit. For me it’s a significant part of the tapestry of experiences that burning man provides. I want to give participants the opportunity and space to have / create the experiences they want / need. The design of the temple is driven by an interest with geometry and consciousness, but I intend to create a physical space that people can bring their own meanings to. If you want to create a centrepiece, hold a ceremony etc this is for you.

The finished temple will be created from connecting wooden triangles to create a stacked dome like structure. The geometry and patterning will be reflected throughout. Large openings (approx 7 foot high) will allow people to enter the central space, and air to flow though. The central space will also provide some shade in the daytime.

Joel Watson is the lead designer. He studied art and his day job is building software. His creative output is multidisciplinary. He crossed the pond a decade ago in search of a healthier life style and a proactive creative community, and found what he was looking for! His past art pieces include:
• Laser Mandala – laser powered, moving glow in the dark kaleidoscopic patterns drawn by participants.
• Qi – installation with a floating human form and breath syncing with binaural soundscapes.
• Untitled – installation made from hundreds of floating points of light.

At night the space will be lit with warm diffused light that ebbs and flows. This will be created using backlit laser cut patterns in the surface of the structure and hanging lanterns. No sound apart from what any participant chooses to bring into the space.


OASIS (Temple)

Our own place to dream, grieve, connect and transform. A collection of obelisks surrounding two memorial benches comprise Oasis. A simple program has been developed to allow participants to up load their pictures and write messages on a lap top contained in one of the 8’ obelisks. Participants can return at night to find their words and pictures projected on the 20’ centre Obelisk. One of the small obelisks contains writing materials that allow participant to leave messages for the ceremony. Another small obelisk will allow participant to deposit items they wish to let go of in the ceremony. A candle lit ceremony with mark the end of Oasis. All elements are designed to be used in future projects.

Stephanie Ann Postulo– Designer, builder, LNT lead (Tread Lightly-build crew 2011, Embrace-build crew 2014, Cascadia Separium- Lead builder 2016, Staulo Wishing Well- Designer, Lead builder 2017, Message in a Bottle- Designer, Lead Builder 2018)
Harrison Oswald – Lead Builder (Message in a Bottle- consulting and build crew 2018)
Matt Wherry – crew builder (Staulo Wishing Well- 2017, Message in a Bottle 2018)
Manuel Boyle – Builder (Message in a Bottle- build crew 2018)
Dan Wesley – Programming

No Sound. The large obelisk will be lit from within with 6w exterior rated LED light, platform skirt to be lit with 28 3w exterior rated LED lights, 4 out of the 5 small obelisks to be lit from canopy above with 3w exterior rated LED lights. Message station within 2 small obelisks to be lit with 3w exterior rated LED lights.

(Front and back views)


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