April 16, 2019 • BitF 2019

The BitF Logo and Gifting

Hi BitFers!

We hope some of you will be keen to use the BitF logo for gifting purposes. If you need a copy of it please email [email protected].

We realise though that we need to be clear on what ‘gifting’ means. We’re taking our cues from Burning Man so we’ve used most of their wording as there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Q: Can I make a t-shirt, necklace, poster, etc. that includes “Burn in the Forest”, “BitF”, the logo symbol (partial or in its entirety) or pictures from BitF?

A: This is generally OK if the item is shared as a gift. Gifting is one of Burning Man’s, hence BitF’s, Ten Principles. The Burner community is actually encouraged to incorporate the Man symbol, other Burning Man and BitF symbols, or images obtained at the event into artwork and other “swag” for gifting purposes.

You cannot, however, use Burn in the Forest logos or images from the event on promotional materials for your company, or on items offered for sale. This includes online peer-to-peer resale spaces, such as eBay or Etsy. This also means that if you leave BitF with un-gifted gifts, you cannot sell the leftovers (even at, or below, the cost of making these items). While we sympathize with everyone’s need and desire to have sufficient funds to create and gift the art and items that make our culture and event so unique, it would be a slippery slope if such items could be sold because they were left over after others were given away.

Event-focused gifting projects (such as art installations or theme camps) using crowdfunding tools like Indiegogo or Kickstarter have BitF’s permission to gift items in their fundraising campaigns that incorporate the BitF logo or photos from the event into their own designs. Some examples include:

– Gifting medallions or t-shirts that incorporate “Black Rock City”
– Gifting a sticker with your art project logo that incorporates the Burning Man symbol in appreciation for a $15 donation to the project’s Kickstarter, or similar, campaign

– Selling earrings with the BitF logo on Etsy or similar
– Printing a company name or web address on your gift items

If you have any uncertainty don’t hesitate to contact the Info team and we’ll help you steer through any murky waters!

Cheers from your Production Team.

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