June 19, 2019 • BitF 2019, Volunteer

Call for Volunteers!

Howdy BitFers! Are you getting excited? I am super stoked about travelling to a new site and seeing everyone and all the art for another great year. However, I’m posting to share the good, the bad and the ugly about our volunteering stats.

Lets start with the good! We have filled our Gate, Transport, and Outer Fire Perimeter volunteer shifts. It also great to see how our volunteering expertise has grown and matured over the years. It’s really really fantastic – thank you all for sharing your experience and knowledge.

And for the bad and the ugly. Our volunteer numbers are tracking low compared to previous years. In 2017, we had 435 surveys completed for 1250 person event. In 2018, we had 460 surveys completed for a 1500 person event. This year we are at 375 surveys completed for a 1500 person event and we are still waiting for several people to select shifts from their surveys.

Our biggest needs are early entry DPW Set Up and On Site Placement as well as end of event DPW Teardown and LNT. We also need more volunteers in the specialized roles of Sanctuary and Inner Fire Perimeter – if you have training to volunteer in either of those two roles, please let us know.

However, we are also low on volunteer shifts during the event in the following teams: Parking, Cultural Ambassadors, Temple Guardians, and LNT Moop Patrol. Please consider gifting a portion of your time at the event to one of these groups. If you’re already volunteering, GREAT – please share our needs to your friends that our coming. We can only reach people with our requests that are included in our email database or have joined one of our Facebook discussion groups.

Click here to volunteer!

Erin North
2019 BitF Volunteer Communications Lead


Erin North
2019 BitF Volunteer Communications Lead

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