June 1, 2019 • BitF 2019

IMPORTANT Ops Announcement: July 1st deadlines!

Ops Announcement: July 1st is the last day to apply for Early Entry, Ins and Outs, or register to camp in your RV or Vehicle (this applies to general camping only)

Get on the list:
Early Entry If you want entry before 10am Thursday you must fill this out!

RV & Vehicle Camping – Required if you are sleeping in your vehicle. Any vehicle.

Ins and Outs – this access is extremely limited and only applies pre-event. Once the main gates open there will be no in/out privileges. There will be no ‘Outs’ after 2pm Wednesday.

Very important:
GateYou must have valid ID at the Gate that matches your ticket.
Gate Hours are 10am-10pm on Thursday and Friday.
BitF is a no ins and outs event.
Be aware that it takes over 4 hours to drive to Snug Lake from Vancouver. If you arrive after the gate closes you will not be allowed in and will have to turn around or sleep in your vehicle!

All Vehicles that are not part of a theme camp footprint or that are being camped in must park in the parking lot.
Speed limit on site is 10km or less! Please make sure you keep it slow!
If you have concerns about accessibility on site, or questions of any other nature, please write to us ASAP
[email protected]

Ops is on site as of July 13th and cannot answer emails after that!


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