June 3, 2019 • BitF 2019, Directed Ticketing, Volunteer

Transport Team needs YOU (bonus – get a link to buy a directed ticket this year)

Transport Team needs your help to make BitF happen this year!

We are looking for 5 volunteers to commit to four days of work (July 13, 14, 21, and 22). We need 1 person with a class 5 driver’s license who’s comfortable driving a 5-ton vehicle and four passengers to help load and unload the trucks both in Vancouver and at Snug Lake.

We’ll be loading the trucks at various locations in Vancouver on Sat July 13 and driving up to Snug Lake. Sun July 14 we’ll be unloading the trucks. Then you’re free to party until the exodus Sun July 21, when we’ll be loading up the trucks again. Mon July 22 we’ll be dropping off everything from the trucks back in Vancouver.

It’s hard work, but there’s a really great perk – this volunteer position comes with directed tickets for this year, and it gets you enough hours for a directed ticket next year as well! Keep in mind all tickets must still be purchased.

If interested, please fill out the Be the Crew Survey – select DPW -> Transport: https://burnintheforest.com/crew/

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