July 22, 2020 • Announcements, General

Burn in the Forest 2021 Date Kinda-Announcement

Update: BitF 2021 has been cancelled. Read the announcement here: https://burnintheforest.com/2021/03/cancellation-of-bitf-2021-agm-announcement-and-more/

Hello lovely people.  We would like to share with you that Burn in the Forest 2021 is tentatively scheduled for July 14th to 18th 2021 at Snug Lake Amphitheatre.

This tentative date for our burn depends on the following:

  • BC being in Phase 4 of the COVID-19 recovery plan by next July; with the order against mass gatherings being lifted; and no reason to believe our gathering would be irresponsible; and
  • Reason to believe by mid-January 2021 that the conditions above may be met; and
  • Confirmation by April 1st 2021 that the conditions noted above will exist.

The January and April checkpoint dates are intended to avoid wasting our volunteer effort; and to protect the venue deposit we were able to carry over from 2020.  April onward is also when we typically start incurring additional unrecoverable costs.

While we certainly hope for the best possible outcome and an ability to meet again in 2021, we caution and acknowledge that the outlook for summertime 2021 mass gatherings is not looking great right now.  Therefore please use pencil when noting our tentative burn date on your calendars.


The BitF Production Team and the GVIAS Board of Directors

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