February 18, 2023 • Announcements, BitF 2023

Get ready for a SOUPer BitF 2023!

Ladle up folks, it’s time to get warm and cozy with the latest theme for BitF – SOUP! 🥣🍲🍜

That’s right, this year we’re serving up a heaping helping of comfort and whimsy, with a side of spice! Get ready to simmer in the beauty of art and community, as we ladle out the love. Bring your own ingredients, and let’s cook up something wild and wonderful together.
From hearty stews to silky broths, there’s a flavour for everyone.
We’re stirring up a bubbling pot of absurdity, humor, and self-expression…imagine a forest filled with giant spoons, floating croutons, and surreal soup kitchens where anything can happen!
Simmer, boil, and stir your way through a steamy gathering of broth enthusiasts, chowder champs, and bisque buffs. From hearty stews to velvety purees, this year’s BitF theme will have you ladling with laughter as you bask in the warmth of our steamy community, savouring every sip of the souper experience.
Come one, come all – let’s get soup-er funky! Bring your tastebuds, your appetite for adventure, and your love of all things SOUP, because BitF 2023 is guaranteed to warm your soul, one spoonful at a time!
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