July 4, 2023 • BitF 2023, Event Updates

Directions to Main Gate (everyone checks in here first!)

Check in for ALL participants is at the Main Gate on Midday Valley Road. Vehicles carrying personnel and supplies that need to go through the Forest Gate can do so AFTER they have checked in at the Main Gate and every person in that vehicle has received a wristband. Photo ID will be required at both gates.

Directions to Main Gate
Directions to Main Gate


Address: 1000 Midday Valley Rd
Enter into Google Maps: “
Burn in the forest main gate”

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/8xghehnqLTP8b1kHA

Map Coordinates: 50°05’18.2″N 120°47’47.5″W

Plus Code: 36Q3+995 Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

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