April 15, 2024 • #BitF 2024, Announcements, Event Updates

Announcing the BitF 2024 theme: Bubbles!

Prepare to be swept up in a sudsy whirlwind of delight, as Burn in the Forest 2024 embraces the effervescent theme of “Bubbles!”

Join us to create and pop some serious bubbles, and have a blast doing it!

Imagine a kaleidoscope of iridescent spheres dancing and shimmering through the sky, filling us with laughter and delight!

BitF will be bubbling with creativity, and we can’t wait to see your variations and interpretations of this theme carried through the winds of our beautiful Merritt site July 25-29!

Many thanks to our community for sharing overĀ five dozenĀ different theme ideas! We truly appreciated the thought that so many of you put into your suggestions.

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