April 15, 2024 • #BitF 2024, Announcements, Dates, Directed Ticketing, Event Updates, General, Participation


BitF Placement and Art Grant Applications are now OPEN!

Click on the links below to find out more information!

For more information on Placement, Effigy, Temple, and Workshops, visit the PARTICIPATION page on the BITF website or email Curation.

For more information on Art Grants, visit the GRANTS page on the GVIAS website or email [email protected].

For 2024, art grants are available for the artistic elements that are a part of theme camps and sound camps. We also want to fund kids’ projects! We want artists to think big, bold, and interactive!

**Workshops and events hosted outside of Centre Camp do not require an application and can be submitted directly to the WWW event guide when it opens.

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