May 30, 2024 • #BitF 2024

Directed Ticketing Deadline June 29th!

All directed tickets have now been sent out to those who qualify. As I mentioned in a previous blog post this year, we are fortunate to have a larger budget of tickets than usual.

As a result, we’re urging all of you with Directed Tickets, or anyone with the intention of buying a ticket in any sale to purchase them before June 29th at 11:59PM PDT. This is no different than the original plan, but this is a crucial reminder that afterwards, all bets are off!

What does this mean? Well, it means that after June 29th we reserve the right to cut sales off whenever and for whatever reason. By purchasing your tickets before then, you can pat yourself on the back and put any worries about all of this dreadful ticketing nonsense to bed! 

Why the added importance on this deadline you might add? Glad you asked!

Important for Budgeting

Early ticket purchases are critical for our budgeting and planning. This allows us to better allocate resources, plan infrastructure, and manage last-minute sales, allowing us to better plan all the little details that make BitF an amazing participatory experience.

Help Fellow Burners

Since we don’t allow refunds, by buying your tickets early, you enable us to confidently cut off ticket sales sooner. This benefits those who may later need to sell their tickets, making secondary market transactions possible.

We’re particularly mindful of these folks, we want to make sure that planning to come to BitF isn’t a financial risk, so much so that we’ve built a ticket exchange classified to help make ticket exchanges easy and secure. (Check it out here)

If you’ve read this far, well, hats off to you! Be sure to spread the word, make sure your camp mates and friends are sorted, sooner rather than later!

And when all is said and done and we’re all hanging out together, swing by “Your Favourite Bar” — Quitters — for a drink and then regale me with a tale on how you heeded the call to lock down that ticket!

BitF Registration Lead
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