May 25, 2024 • #BitF 2024, General Ticketing

NEW! Ticket Exchange Buy/Sell

Ticket Exchange Buy/Sell – Secondary Market Ticket Sales

In order to help those looking to resell their tickets, we’ve created a snazzy system for folks to list their tickets for sale, and for buyers to contact those sellers, rather than buying a Main Sale ticket.

Follow the links at the top of the Ticketing Page to check it out.

Instructions: How to Transfer or Sell Your Ticket Privately

In previous years, we’ve facilitated a secondary market through a direct ticket transfer, where payment arrangements are your own risk. This year Quicket has added the ability to do a private sale through a refund mechanism that may be better in some circumstances.

Please read both options and see which one is right for you!

1. Transfer your ticket directly to the buyer in Quicket and arrange payment with them privately.
2. Sell and transfer your ticket through Quicket, and receive a refund to the credit card that the ticket was purchased on. This allows the buyer the ability to purchase the ticket using their credit card.

Read the full instructions here: How to Transfer or Sell Your Ticket Privately

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