Burn In The Forest (BitF) is the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society’s (GVIAS) Official Burning Man Regional annual summer event.
Burn in the Forest is hosted on the unceded land of the Cheam people, the Cheam Fishing Village.

We are thrilled to return for our 4th visit at the Cheam Fishing Village, an hour and a half’s drive east of Vancouver, British Columbia.

1500 participants come together to create a Temporary Autonomous Zone,
inspired by the Ten Principles of Burning Man
and the unique landscape that we have the privilege to call home for 4 days.

Our community is built on the participation of its members – from the simple exchange of food, stories, or a lending hand, to the elaborate construction of an interactive art project.

  • We support the diversity and experimentation of experience and ideas.
  • We will create a Temporary Autonomous Zone where people may safely engage in new experiences without judgement.
  • We will strengthen existing friendships and build new ones, rewarding each other in special ways.
  • We are self-sufficient and leave no trace except in our memories.

This year, as in the past, we will build a temporary community over an extended weekend. Together we create a village and gift each other in many ways that express our creativity and play.

Please head over to the Volunteering page to  learn about how you can help create this experience with opportunities available via the Production Team. Get connected to the BitF Community on Facebook, as callouts also happen there to participate in Theme Camps, Art projects, and other interactive activities happening on site.

Some of the things people bring to Burn in the Forest:

  • interactive art
  • theme camps
  • fire performance
  • music and theatrical performance
  • workshops

For a safe and prepared time at BitF we ask that you read BitF Survival Guide.

Updated Guide coming soon, in the meantime, you can download last year’s guide here SurvivalGuide-BitF2017

History of Burn in the Forest

Burn in the Forest began in 2002 when a group of loosely organized Burners from Vancouver decided that it was time to create an outdoor camping event, in accordance with the 10 principles of Burning Man.  Many people in the community feel this was a magical event, in a magical space, where the community came together with minimal central organization, with everyone participating and helping to create an event like no other

Photo by Luke Me Up

Performance Dome – Photo by Luke Me Up

Located on the Squamish River, the old site was a very popular one for outdoor events, and because it was on Crown Land we were able to keep the event free/by donation. Unfortunately, due to overuse and the increasing pressures of human encroachment into natural habitats, in 2005 a young grizzly started to visit the site, and ultimately that is what caused the site to be completely closed to the public.

In the beginning of 2009 the new site was found at Squamish Valley Campground, and at the GVIAS Annual General Meeting a nearly unanimous vote decided that, once again, the name Burn in the Forest would be used for our summer camping event.

In 2015, only 6 weeks before our scheduled event, we lost the use of the Squamish Valley Campground over some Crown Land use issues. As the Production Team had already been scoping out land to accommodate future years’ growth, we were able to secure our new home, at the Cheam Fishing Village, located on Cheam First Nation traditional lands near Agassiz, BC.

Our new hosts are very excited about our culture, and the prospective partnership that is possible. They are developing their property as an event space, and although there are many more profitable festivals out there, they have honed in on our Principles, our respect for the lands where we Burn, our gifting and participation and passion for what we do. As burners and artists, we look forward to the cross-cultural learning that will happen as we get to know each other and move forward together.

We’re sure to continue to make it every bit as memorable as the BitFs of years past.

Contact the BitF Production team via the Contact Us form.

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