One person’s positive sound experience can be someone’s negative. Over a number of years, working with community, we have developed a sound policy that helps mitigate any conflicts and ensures a positive experience for everyone.

The following points summarize the sound policy


1. Amplified sound is not permitted between 6am and 12 pm daily.
2. A maximum power amplification of 200 watts (a boom box, not a PA) is permitted throughout the venue with the following exceptions:
a. Large scale sound installations are permitted in authorized theme camps.  There are a limited number of sites suitable for large scale sound installations.
b. Registered theme camps, art installations, and art cars may operate a small PA up to 400 watts (no subs) between noon and midnight. Camps with PAs should work with neighboring camps to avoid running PAs at the same time and to ensure volume levels are acceptable.
3. Neighbors should talk to one another if sound becomes problem and try to resolve the issue through direct communication.
4. If you are unable to resolve issues through direct communication, please bring your complaint to a BITF Ranger at the Ranger Station (near medical) who will then contact the Sound Lead to help resolve the complaint. Concerns about excessive sound can result in:
a. volume check and mediation between camps,
b. volume check and a final warning on complaints,
c. the disabling of equipment.

As a community, we need to work together to keep sound at desirable levels. This means that everyone involved is personally responsible for how they affect everyone else’s experience.


Feel free to ask questions or direct comments the Sound Lead, Peter Blitz,
at [email protected]