Citizen Responsibilities In the Use of Alcohol at BITF

Please help us to meet the following requirements that allow us to consume personal alcohol in a safe and  responsible manner.  Whether you are hosting or visiting a campsite it is everyone’s responsibility to follow these guidelines.  All citizens must agree to the following conditions of entry, and by doing so, you support GVIAS’ agreements with the landowner, RCMP and Liquor Control Board.


Storing of Alcohol at your campground

  • All alcohol needs to be stored in a concealed area not readily available to minors.
  • Do not leave any open alcoholic beverages unattended at your campground.
  • Only transport unopened alcoholic beverages from your vehicle to your camp or to other campsites.
  • Glass is not permitted at BitF.  Please only bring cans or cartons.


Consumption of alcohol 

  • Alcohol can only be consumed within the confines of yours’ or your host’s campsite or parked RV– ie. Where you sleep. Similar to a residence, you may consume responsibly and serve your guests responsibly in the following ways.

The host is responsible for:

  • Monitoring of minors.  Minors will be wearing a red wristband for identification. They are not permitted to drink alcohol or hold alcoholic beverages.
  • Duty of Care and guests’ consumption of alcohol.  You must monitor the number of guests you have and their level of intoxication.
  • Ensuring intoxicated guests are prohibited from consuming further alcohol.
  •  Ensuring guests do not enter or leave the site with unconsumed alcohol.
  •  Alcohol must not be consumed in a public place.  This includes the roadway and any open beach area or open area that is not a campsite or parked RV ie. Places where people dont sleep.


Disposal of alcoholic containers

  • All cans can be disposed of within the recycling provided on site.
  • Collect all empties at your camp within a garbage bag and transport to recycling.


Consumption and Driving

  •  BITF has a no in-and-out policy.  Citizens will not be permitted to leave and return. If you must leave permanently, you must leave through the single secured access. You may not leave the site behind the wheel of a vehicle if you are intoxicated.


Security, Rangers and RCMP

  • Our Security and Rangers will patrol the site and may approach your camp to check on the above. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to the policy.

Personal Intoxication & Unruly Behaviour

  • BITF is a radically self-reliant event known for its responsible citizens. Alcohol-related altercations and disruptions are extremely rare in our experience, please help us maintain this standard. Unruly behavior may be subject to intervention by security staff, and possible ejection from the event at the discretion of security and the Production Team.